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The pearl of the Pacific

Are you curious about Ecuador’s largest city? Book a flight to Guayaquil and stroll by the water on the renovated Malecón 2000 boulevard. Alternatively, climb to the top of Cerro Santa Ana and admire the amazing view of the city. Of course, Guayaquil is also a great place to start a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Iguanas all around the cathedral

Las Peñas is the oldest and most charming part of Guayaquil. It’s a popular neighbourhood packed with colourful houses, restaurants, shops and cafes. Guayaquil cemetery is a fascinating place to visit for its impressive tombs and mausoleums. You can also admire the golden altar in the La Merced and San Francisco churches. Parque Seminario is also a great place to visit and it’s teeming with gigantic iguanas, but no need to worry, they’re all tame! Guayaquil is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, it’s also the perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Ecuador. Treat yourself: book a flight to Guayaquil now!

Book a flight to Guayaquil

Awe-inspiring nature

FFor many travellers, Guayaquil is the starting point for their trip to the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos is a group of 19 large volcanic islands surrounded by 40 smaller islands. Here you can spot penguins, flamingos and rare iguanas, and enjoy diving which is an unforgettable experience. If you’d rather stay closer to the city, head to Isla Santay, a green island in the middle of a river near to Guayaquil. Here you’ll see crocodiles, racoons and more than 85 species of birds.

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